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Your driveway and sidewalk not only welcome guests to your home but also bear the brunt of daily wear and tear. Frequent usage and exposure can turn them into unsightly areas marked by persistent stains, which can cause lasting damage.

To achieve a flawless clean for your concrete surfaces, precision is key. Excessive pressure or heat can damage the material, while insufficient cleaning might leave residues and uneven results. At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, we’ve perfected the art of balancing thorough cleaning with the care needed to preserve your surfaces’ integrity.

Avoid the pitfalls of inexperienced contractors who might leave visible dirt lines or inconsistent finishes. Trust your concrete cleaning needs to the experts at Bellamy’s Pro Wash, who know the specifics of pressure washing and maintaining pristine surfaces.

Experience the Bellamy’s Pro Wash difference—the top choice for pressure washing and concrete cleaning in Brunswick County. Reach out today to begin your journey to transformative cleaning excellence.

Before and after cleaning of a long concrete sidewalk by Bellamy's Pro Wash, showing significant improvement.
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Joey Hecht
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This company did everything right! They got back to me right away, quoted me a reasonable price, did an amazing job and were a pleasure to work with. 10/10. I highly recommend them. I look forward to working with them again next year!!!!
Samantha Simon
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Washed windows at my houses for me and did a terrific job! Bellamy's Pro Wash is our go to for our windows from here on out!
John Walters
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Dylan the owner is as friendly as they come. He listened to all my needs for the work, explained every step of the process along with my different options. He was professional and my house and patio look amazing. 11/10 would highly recommend Bellamy's Pro Wash to anyone looking for any pressure washing needs.
Sheldon Schillinger
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All work done exactly as requested and all done via phone and text

Your Trusted Brunswick County Pressure Washing Professionals

Side-by-side images of a long concrete sidewalk before and after cleaning by Bellamy's Pro Wash, showcasing a dramatic transformation from a moss-covered surface to clean and refreshed concrete.

Maintain a Safe and Inviting Driveway

Bellamy’s Pro Wash Concrete Cleaning Methodology

At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, we recognize that merely using high water pressure may not sufficiently clean deep within concrete surfaces. This insight has led us to develop a meticulous concrete cleaning process that effectively removes stains, dirt, grime, and surface contaminants. Our approach includes the application of CDC-approved cleaning agents, such as deep-penetrating foam cleaners, designed to dissolve even the most stubborn stains. Following the application, our experts employ a powerful 3600 PSI pressure washer to thoroughly cleanse the buildup, revitalizing the appearance of your concrete.

Moreover, our comprehensive cleaning process ensures that the pH level of your concrete surfaces is balanced, which improves their compatibility with paints and sealants if needed. Rely on our expertise to eliminate tough stains and rejuvenate your concrete, ensuring it looks its best. Avoid the risks associated with DIY pressure washing—trust the professionals at Bellamy’s Pro Wash.

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The 3 Easy Steps Of Working With Us

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Obtaining a quote for your project is simple and quick. Just fill out our convenient online form, and once we receive your details, a dedicated team member will accurately measure all the surfaces involved. This ensures you receive a comprehensive and tailored quote efficiently.

Set A Date

Every project is unique, so we'll send a team member to visit you at a time that suits you best. They'll address any questions or concerns you may have. Following that, we'll provide you with a personalized quote and schedule the work to fit your timetable.

Sit Back & Relax

On the scheduled day, our team will walk you through the process and keep you informed every step of the way. We'll finish with a final walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can trust that your project is in capable hands—even if you're not present.

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Ensure Your Concrete Stays in Top Condition

Signs Your Driveway Needs Pressure Washing

Accumulations of oil, dirt, and salts on your concrete can turn cleaning into a daunting task. Beyond diminishing your home’s curb appeal, a dirty driveway can become a source of embarrassment when entertaining guests. Thankfully, Bellamy’s Pro Wash offers expert concrete cleaning services to rejuvenate and maintain the appearance and health of your surfaces.

Our concrete cleaning service effectively tackles various issues:

  1. Prevention of Organic Growth: Over time, neglected concrete can harbor moss, mold, algae, and bacteria, all of which undermine your property’s aesthetic. Regular cleaning not only clears these growths but also helps prevent their return, enhancing your home’s visual appeal.

  2. Safety Enhancement: High traffic areas, from vehicles or on foot, necessitate the upkeep of clean and safe concrete surfaces. Without regular cleaning, concrete can become slick with accumulated organic matter and other residues, creating a risk for slips and falls.

  3. Thorough Stain Removal: Concrete’s porosity makes it particularly vulnerable to stains, which are difficult to eliminate without specialized equipment and methods. Bellamy’s Pro Wash utilizes advanced techniques to remove all types of stains, revitalizing your driveway and improving its overall look.



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