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Enhance your home's curb appeal with Bellamy's Pro Wash. Our house washing removes dirt and grime safely and effectively.
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Extend your roof’s life with our specialized roof washing service at Bellamy's Pro Wash. We target moss, algae, and all harmful residues.
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Achieve crystal clear views with Bellamy's Pro Wash window cleaning. We promise streak-free results that brighten your home.
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Restore the beauty of your concrete with Bellamy's Pro Wash. Our cleaning removes stains and revives surfaces.
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Why Choose Bellamy’s Pro Wash for Your Exterior Cleaning Needs

Located in the vibrant Brunswick County, Bellamy’s Pro Wash stands out as the premier provider of professional exterior cleaning services. Additionally, our team specializes in a variety of techniques, including soft wash and pressure washing, to comprehensively address every aspect of property maintenance, ranging from window cleaning to gutter care and concrete cleaning.

In Brunswick County, we face unique environmental challenges such as high humidity and corrosive salt air. Nevertheless, at Bellamy’s Pro Wash, we’re equipped with advanced cleaning technologies and eco-friendly solutions to not only meet but exceed these challenges. Consequently, we ensure superb service quality and your complete satisfaction.

Moreover, our decision to enter the cleaning industry was driven by a desire to provide exceptional cleaning solutions to a rapidly expanding community. By choosing Bellamy’s Pro Wash, you’re not simply cleaning your property; you’re enhancing its durability and aesthetic appeal for the long term.

Join our growing network of happy homeowners and businesses, and experience firsthand why investing in our services is an investment in the future of your property.

Jae Encarnacion
Jae Encarnacion
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I recently had the pleasure of having Bellamy's Pro Wash do a pressure washing job at my home, and my back patio. Their performance simply surpassed my expectations. From the visit, They displayed an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment, which clearly translated into the quality of work they did. I will absolutely be using them again next year!
Before and after cleaning of a large Mediterranean tile roof by Bellamy's Pro Wash, showing significant removal of moss and dirt.

The Bellamy's Pro Wash Advantage

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Satisfied Customers


Joey Hecht
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This company did everything right! They got back to me right away, quoted me a reasonable price, did an amazing job and were a pleasure to work with. 10/10. I highly recommend them. I look forward to working with them again next year!!!!
Samantha Simon
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Washed windows at my houses for me and did a terrific job! Bellamy's Pro Wash is our go to for our windows from here on out!
John Walters
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Dylan the owner is as friendly as they come. He listened to all my needs for the work, explained every step of the process along with my different options. He was professional and my house and patio look amazing. 11/10 would highly recommend Bellamy's Pro Wash to anyone looking for any pressure washing needs.
Sheldon Schillinger
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All work done exactly as requested and all done via phone and text

Your Trusted Brunswick County Pressure Washing Professionals

Before and after photos of a white vinyl house cleaned to remove mildew, showing dramatic improvement.

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Effortless Exterior Maintenance Plans

At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, we are deeply familiar with the unique challenges faced by homeowners in Brunswick County, especially when it comes to maintaining the exterior cleanliness of their properties. From battling the high humidity to managing the wear from salt-laden air and general weathering, we recognize how these factors can degrade your home’s facade. Consequently, we offer a tailored maintenance program specifically designed for our Brunswick County clients, ensuring your property remains pristine and appealing.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics. A well-maintained exterior not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also its structural integrity. Our automated maintenance plan eliminates the need for you to worry about scheduling or the build-up of dirt and grime. Opt for Bellamy’s Pro Wash for seamless, year-round exterior maintenance that keeps your home in top condition.

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Obtaining a quote for your project is simple and quick. Just fill out our convenient online form, and once we receive your details, a dedicated team member will accurately measure all the surfaces involved. This ensures you receive a comprehensive and tailored quote efficiently.

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Every project is unique, so we'll send a team member to visit you at a time that suits you best. They'll address any questions or concerns you may have. Following that, we'll provide you with a personalized quote and schedule the work to fit your timetable.

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On the scheduled day, our team will walk you through the process and keep you informed every step of the way. We'll finish with a final walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can trust that your project is in capable hands—even if you're not present.

Absolutely! At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, safety is our top priority for not just our clients but also their pets. We use only water-based, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning solutions to ensure your property is cleaned effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. Our eco-friendly methods are designed to protect both your family and the environment, avoiding any carcinogenic substances and maintaining environmental integrity.

This is a common question, and we provide a clear breakdown of our cleaning techniques on our dedicated house washing services page. Discover how each method can uniquely benefit the longevity and appearance of your home’s exterior.

Absolutely. At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, we recognize that the cost of cleaning services can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the age of the surface, previous cleaning methods, drainage systems, landscaping, material type, and any existing damage. That’s why an on-site assessment is crucial. During this evaluation, we explore these variables in detail. We recommend that all decision-makers be present during this assessment to address any questions and provide essential information. This personalized approach ensures transparency and allows us to tailor our services precisely to your needs. Ready to start? Schedule your detailed assessment on our request a quote page — it’s how we ensure the best results for every client.

Understanding the costs associated with exterior cleaning can feel overwhelming, but at Bellamy’s Pro Wash in Brunswick County, we make it easy. Our starting rates begin at just $300, with pricing customized to accommodate your home’s unique size and cleaning requirements. To provide you with an accurate estimate, we offer personalized quotes that guarantee transparency and affordability for every customer. Ready to get started? Visit our request a quote page to receive your personalized estimate today.

Our maintenance plan is designed to make yearly cleaning hassle-free for you. With our annually scheduled maintenance plan, you choose your service date, and we take care of the rest. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for ‘House washing near me’—trust Bellamy’s Pro Wash to keep your property looking its best year-round. Ready to kickstart hassle-free yearly cleaning? Visit our request a quote page to get started with your maintenance plan

We understand the potential risks of pressure washing on concrete, particularly for newer surfaces less than 1.5 years old. At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, we prioritize the safety of your concrete by offering alternative Softwash methods. These methods ensure effective cleaning while safeguarding your concrete from damage. Interested in learning more about our techniques? Explore our concrete cleaning services page to ensure the safety and longevity of your driveway.

At Bellamy’s Pro Wash, our window cleaning techniques ensure a streak-free shine that lasts, even after rain. Bid farewell to dirt and grime with our spotless results. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind of our 2-week spot-free rain guarantee! Ready to transform your windows? Learn more about our process on our window cleaning service page!



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